Bezpłatna konferencja online
focus & flexibility
how to teach adults in the times of uncertainty

15 września 2020

16.00 – 18.30




dr Grzegorz Śpiewak


O prelegencie

A graduate of University of Essex, UK (MA in Linguistics), and University of Warsaw (Ph.D in English & Linguistics). Teacher of English, consultant, project manager, teacher trainer, acclaimed conference speaker, author. A former academic lecturer and deputy director for English Teaching & CLIL at the Department of English of Warsaw University. An on-line tutor on MA TESOL programme, The New School for Social Research, New York.

Currently affiliated with Macmillan Education (as Head ELT Consultant for Central & Eastern Europe and a key teacher trainer), with DOS-ELTea – an independent teacher development centre (as its co-founder & president), deDOMO Education (as project leader and head author), and DoDoTOK – a national programme promoting modern, bilingual education for kindergarteners (as its key consultant). An Honorary President and advisory board member of IATEFL Poland.

Marta Rosińska

The pedagogy of focus. From distraction to attention online & offline

As an experienced teacher I truly believe in the so-called pedagogy of focus, the concept that applies to both a face-to-face classroom and an online lesson. For learning to happen, learners must have a clear idea of what they are to learn, why it is important to them, and above all have the necessary attention to focus on the input.

Attention and focus are also the key to high-impact engagement without which learning remains shallow and 'forgettable’. Attention allows the learners to experience learning here and now while focus makes the process meaningful and useful.

Therefore, in my online workshop I intend to share a variety of practical classroom ideas to help you as the teacher direct your learners' attention to what needs it the most. I’ll present a number of activities which aid focus and contribute to a far greater retention of the language. The ideas will be universal and easily implementable in both traditional and on-line settings.

O prelegencie

Holds an MA in Linguistics (University of Łódź) and Advanced Diploma in English Teaching Management (University of Cambridge), graduate of Uczelnia im. Leona Koźmińskiego (Psychology in Business postgraduate studies). Marta is a conference speaker, senior lecturer, head teacher trainer and Director of Studies at the English Language Centre, University of Łódź. She is a freelance teacher trainer, mentor and Academic Projects Director for DOS ELTea, including the innovative Teacher Trainer Academy course, shortlisted for the prestigious British Council ELTON award 2016, and ELT Author Academy. She is also a content designer for High Impact Teachers (a closed FB group for enthusiastic and engaged teachers), founder and manager of the ROK RELACJI W EDUKCJI initiative.

Marta is a very prolific and highly esteemed ELT author. Her main publications are: Matura Masters, Password, Repetytorium Maturalne, Repetytorium Gimnazjalne, Repetytorium Szóstoklasisty, Password and Password Reset series, all for Macmillan Education.


Iwona Krzemińska

A Fully Flexible Course. Rozwiązania dla edukacji hybrydowej

Przed nami kolejne tygodnie, miesiące, a może nawet cały rok niepewności co do rozwoju sytuacji pandemicznej, a co za tym idzie organizacji nauczania. Doświadczenia minionej wiosny pokazały dobitnie, że w takich warunkach absolutnie kluczowe są odpowiednie, elastyczne narzędzia i materiały – takie, które sprawdzą się zarówno w tradycyjnej klasie, jak i w nauce zdalnej.

Chcę Państwu przedstawić takie właśnie cyfrowe rozwiązania do znakomitej serii Language Hub – konkretnie i rzeczowo. Pokażę szczególnie przydatne funkcjonalności; podpowiem, jak mogą z nich skorzystać zarówno Państwo jako prowadzący zajęcia, jak i słuchacze czy studenci.

O prelegencie

Absolwentka Filologii Angielskiej Uniwersytetu w Gdańsku. Nauczycielka języka angielskiego z wieloletnim stażem, metodyk w ogólnopolskich sieciach szkół językowych, autorka testów, a także ... dietetyk.

Od kilkunastu lat współpracuje ze szkołami językowymi i uczelniami wspierając je w wyborze dostosowanych do ich potrzeb podręczników i materiałów cyfrowych. Dzięki szkoleniom i warsztatom, ostatnio także online, ma możliwość dzielić się swoim doświadczeniem – łączącym spojrzenie merytoryczne, praktyczne i biznesowe – z lektorami w całej Polsce.

Konkurs! Nagrodą jest Mediation Hub Productive Skills Booster – zestaw ćwiczeń rozwijających umiejętność mediacji językowej

dr Monika Cichmińska

Flipping Grammar Instruction. From passive explanation to active use online & offline

If there is one thing I have learned from teaching young adults online this spring, it is that the pay-off for the students needs to be even greater and more tangible than in traditional teaching. Quite simply, they need to feel compensated for all the technical glitches, connection hiccups and other distractors that they need to overcome to participate in an online class. So, when it comes to teaching a new grammar structure, I can no longer make it work unless the students are persuaded that the new language is immediately relevant and meaningful – for them. The question, as always, is how?

In my case it has led to a pretty much spontaneous flipping of my teaching in general and of my grammar instruction strategies in particular. Out went grammar explanations, in came real students’ questions regarding any aspect of actually using this new structure, to communicate the meaning that they wish to convey as precisely and effectively as possible. I’ll share several examples of how this was done with my students, exploiting the natural dynamics of on-line classes, and taking as the point of departure several samples of attractive, current teaching materials. The intuition that I hope to pass on to you is that this sort of flipping may well be the way to go in the new normal, whether on-line, off-line, or hybrid.

O prelegencie

She has been teaching English for over 25 years. After graduating from the University of Łódź, where she specialised in linguistics, she co-founded Progres, a private language school in Łódź, where she taught at all levels and was the Director of Studies. In 1999 she finished her doctorate in linguistics and moved to Olsztyn, where she works at the University of Warmia and Mazury. She also works for English Perfect, a private language school in Olsztyn, where she is the Director of Studies. Apart from that, she likes to work as a teacher trainer for various institutions. She is also an oral examiner for UCLES (FCE, CAE and CPE).

She enjoys working with people, and likes to combine theory (linguistics, psychology and neuroscience) with practice (teaching English on all levels). She is particularly interested in teaching, or rather uncovering grammar, motivation (of both students and teachers), affective factors in learning, the social nature of learning, and what brain studies can possibly tell us about what happens in the brain when we learn. In her free time, she likes to read, learn new things, go to the cinema or watch TV series, and listen to music. Her personal idols are Pat Metheny, Roger Federer and Gregory House.




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