Advanced matters!

Trener: Marta Rosińska

Streszczenie sesji

Advanced learners are, no doubt, a real pleasure to teach. After all, their existing command of English allows the teacher to create dream-like lessons in which there is plenty of 'decent' grammar, lexis and above all loud conversation. As one of those happy teachers I take a lot of pride in the progress my learners make but I also feel they are often frustrated when faced with difficult language which they seem unable to transfer to their spoken or written discourse. Productive skills mean a lot to them because this is how they judge their linguistic competence.

Therefore in this session, I wish to focus on
a. some challenges connected with the teaching of speaking and writing at higher levels and
b. revising the material through the two mentioned skills.

The workshop will, as usual, offer some practical advice as well as hands-on activities which are guaranteed to take your learners another step up.