Teaching humans

How to recognise common human behaviour and work with it in the language class

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Szczegóły webinarium:

  • Data: 25.09.2018 19:30 - 20:40
  • Trener: Johanna Stirling
  • Typ szkolenia: webinarium
  • Ścieżka: metodyka

Szczegóły szkolenia:

Data szkolenia: 25 września (wtorek) w godzinach 19:30 – 20:40
Czas trwania: 70 minut
Typ szkolenia: Webinarium
Język: angielski

Dla kogo jest szkolenie?

  • Nauczyciele j. angielskiego w klasach 4–8 szkoły podstawowej
  • Nauczyciele j. angielskiego w gimnazjum
  • Nauczyciele j. angielskiego w szkołach ponadgimnazjalnych
  • Lektorzy j. angielskiego w prywatnych szkołach językowych

Opis szkolenia:

We teachers are often puzzled and disappointed when a meticulously-planned lesson doesn’t work out. The world over we find learners who are inquisitive but easily distracted, competitive yet lacking in self-control, needing to be part of a group while also needing to show individuality. How do these affect learning and classroom behaviour? And how can teachers embrace these human foibles?

Czego nauczysz się na szkoleniu?

  • Why don’t students always behave in class as we would wish?
  • How can this impact on even a well-planned lesson?
  • What is the psychology behind some of this behaviour?
  • How can teachers effectively manage challenging student behaviour?
  • Which activities can actually help to make the most of these behavioural characteristics?
  • Are teachers human too?

Dlaczego warto?

Very often learners do not react the way the teacher envisaged when planning a lesson. Whether it is a case of learners not having done their homework, texting under the desk, being unwilling to speak or just refusing to co-operate, this can lead to great frustration for the teacher and obstructions to learning for students. If you are feeling that frustration and sometimes think that you are ‘fighting a losing battle’, come along and see if you can get a new perspective on the reasons for this behaviour and what you can do about it. Go into your upcoming classes with more understanding and empathy but also with some new tricks and activities to work with these common human foibles.

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19:30 – 20:40
część 1 (60 minut)
Johanna Stirling

Webinarium Teaching Humans

20:30 – 20:40
część 2 (10 minut)

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Johanna Stirling


Johanna Stirling

Johanna is responsible for coordinating and developing all academic aspects of ELT methodology online courses delivered by Norwich Institute for Language Education...

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Teaching humans

  • Data: 25.09.2018 19:30 - 20:40
  • Trener: Johanna Stirling

"As a teacher and trainer with many years of experience, I’ve had my fair share of frustrations (as well as years of delight) when teaching. When I started reading books about behavioural psychology I began to see reasons for some of the challenges I faced in the classroom and got a little bit obsessed with finding ways to exploit common human characteristics so they lead to greater success for me and all my learners. I’d love to share some of these with you!”

Johanna Stirling

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