Hands-on how?!

dr Grzegorz Śpiewak

Szkoła podstawowa klasy 1-3

Streszczenie sesji

The recent Ministry regulations have had significant impact on the shape of the coursebook, particularly in early foreign language education, where we used to rely on the whole range of manual activities that non-reading and non-writing kids could be engaged in. Now that such hands-on practice has been made administratively impossible, we need to urgently rethink the role of the coursebook vs. other course materials, as well as our daily lesson planning.

This is what this short session aims to achieve. You will have a chance to review a range of new ‘virtual-manual’ activity types – we’ll focus on the specific skills that can be developed with their help and explore some unexpected, positive side-effects for the amount of spoken language practice. We’ll also reflect briefly on where and how to compensate for the suddenly-lost types of fine motor skills practice that are essential for the development of reading and writing in 6- and 7-year olds.

dr Grzegorz Śpiewak

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