New Core Curriculum, New Matura, New Teenagers: towards a perfect blend

How to help new secondary students meet the new, increased standards & exam expectations

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Szczegóły webinarium:

  • Data: 23.05.2019 19:30 - 20:45
  • Trener: dr Grzegorz Śpiewak
  • Typ szkolenia: webinarium

Szczegóły szkolenia:

Data szkolenia: 23 maja (czwartek) w godzinach 19:30 – 20:45
Czas trwania: 75 minut
Typ szkolenia: Webinarium
Język: angielski

Dla kogo jest szkolenie?

  • Nauczyciele j. angielskiego w szkołach ponadgimnazjalnych
  • Egzaminatorzy maturalni

Opis szkolenia:

The underlying aim of this session is to help the fifteen-year-olds who will be starting the reformed secondary school as of Sept 1 2019 cope with the increased expectations, formulated in the new Core Curriculum. As we all know, these will ultimately result in the format of the Matura 2023. In view of everything we know about these teenagers’ competencies as well as deficits, we’ll need to refresh our overall approach, our daily teaching strategies, and the tools we use. The question, as always, is how?

That’s where my session comes in. Based on an in-depth analysis of the new standards of achievement and the skills needed to meet them, I’ll argue that our learners will need a new blend of skills, linguistic and conceptual, to deal with more demanding texts and novel task types. These new, higher-order thinking skills (HOTs) must in turn inform the way our learners read, listen, and react to texts, in order to mediate information, both within the target language and across the two languages. This in turn will have profound consequences for the choice of activity types and exercise formats so that we can squeeze out all the linguistic and cognitive potential of texts, spoken and written. Come along to find out all about it!

Czego nauczysz się na szkoleniu?

  • How to select and plan in-class activities to both address the new Core Curriculum requirements and appeal to modern teenagers
  • How to foster the development of higher-order thinking skills (HOTs)
  • How to promote deeper linguistic processing and genuine text comprehension
  • How to raise linguistic awareness through text-based activities

Dlaczego warto?

Quite simply because you are facing a truly major challenge – and so will be well advised to seek reliable, no-nonsense advice from someone you can trust. The challenge is how to respond smartly to the more ambitious standards of achievement imposed by the new Core Curriculum. Judging by the way they have impacted on the 8th graders’ school-leaving exam, these new standards are certain to change a lot about how learners are taught – and tested – at the upper secondary phase. But if this is so, you need solid analyses, workable strategies, and top quality tools. That’s just what you will benefit from during this session.

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19:30 – 20:30
część 1 (60 minut)
dr Grzegorz Śpiewak

New Core Curriculum, New Matura, New Teenagers: towards a perfect blend

20:30 – 20:45
część 2 (15 minut)

Q&A session

dr Grzegorz Śpiewak


dr Grzegorz Śpiewak

A graduate of University of Essex, UK (MA in Linguistics), and University of Warsaw (Ph.D in English & Linguistics). Teacher of English, consultant, project manager, teacher...

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New Core Curriculum, New Matura, New Teenagers: towards a perfect blend

  • Data: 23.05.2019 19:30 - 20:45
  • Trener: dr Grzegorz Śpiewak

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