Sounds good!

Trener: dr Grzegorz Śpiewak

Streszczenie sesji

To put it bluntly, you simply cannot speak without pronouncing. Of course, you can pronounce without speaking – and the latter is precisely what has given pronunciation such a bad name. But the sooner you accept that ‘pron’ needs to happen every time you or your student open their mouth, the sooner you’ll start noticing opportunities to work on it absolutely everywhere, on every page of your coursebook, in every lesson, and definitely with any oral activity you orchestrate or take part in.

Make no mistake: I am not about to suggest that you do pronunciation at the expense of other vital work (grammar, vocabulary, or skills). My main point is that it takes very little extra time to do meaningful pronunciation work – it’s mostly about not wasting opportunity! And it’s going to make a huge difference to you and your students provided it’s done in very small but very frequent chunks. Sounds are everywhere, sounds are helpful, sounds are crucial. Sounds good?

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